Building myself up again.

Work is much better. I'm in self-discovery mode and our new boss is developing and encouraging my strengths.

After work I decided to buy some painting supplies. I took art classes in highschool and college, and loved them. Here's some stuff I had fun with today:


Full to the brim.

Have you heard of Strengths Finder 2.0? Because you need to know about it, and you need to read it, and take the quiz and find out your strengths.

I've been discovering a great deal about myself these past few weeks: weaknesses, strengths, talents, shortcomings, loves, untapped areas of creativity, new friends and my threshold of pain.

Change is on the horizon. I don't know yet what that means, but there is a little seed of hope somewhere inside of me that is starting to blossom.


I'm in a lull.

Andrew Bird, FTW!

My wonderful husband noted that I had not yet posted this month. Shame on me!

As an excuse, I'll just elucidate how wacky/stressful/uncertain things in my office have been:

  • We met our new Vice President (boss of the office, I guess you could say) on Friday. All of us had meetings with her that day. Apparently she had meetings with our HR office as well. And not about her benefits package.
  • We've been told several times (and I've been informed by the president) that our office will be "restructured." That's what the new president's marching orders have been. He's shaking stuff up...and if it doesn't happen (stuff isn't shaken up enough, I guess), he'll "take care of it himself." Yes, those are his words.
  • Obviously the new people in the administration are going to be kicking ass and taking names. This is scary and, regardless of the fact that everyone tells me middle management are really the only positions at risk, I'm just itching to get the changes over with and get to work.
  • A co-worker of mine cried in my office yesterday. He's 50 and has two daughters. That kind of sums all of this up best. When someone twenty years older than you cries in your office.
Despite all the wackiness, I'm glad for this change. We need it. It's nice to see fresh ideas and faces.

My boss, though? She needs to watch her fucking back. Word on the street is that she's one of the first ones to get canned. I can only hope that's true.

More updates later, but that's where I stand right now. Nervous and excited, I guess. More anon.


WTF, Webmd?

Looking up ways to help heal/relieve canker sores. I did a search with their little man by pointing to the area on the body that's causing problems. It asked if the following symptoms were possible:

It almost makes me feel like I'm missing out on something.



The husband and I had a seriously long talk last night about kids, work, school, house stuff, money, etc. You know - the fun stuff. We're fun people. Fun, fun, fun.

Actually, it didn't suck too much and I think the both of us left the conversation (held in bed while we both thought about sleeping then the both of us started THINKING and the sleep thing didn't happen) feeling maybe a little more at peace. Or at least that life is "do-able."


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